Honey bees pollinate the vast majority of the world’s plants and are responsible for over 80% of the food we eat. However, over the past 50 years, changing agricultural practices have crippled their world. Bees need a variety of food sources to survive, and the widespread cultivation of the same crops prevents them from reaching adequate nutrition. As a result, honey bees are disappearing at a dizzying rate, endangering the future of agriculture altogether. In 2012, U.S. beekeepers lost almost half of their hives in what is now being termed ‘Colony Collapse Disorder.’

Bee Downtown is fighting this important problem by creating and selling rooftop and clear storefront observatory hives in cities, where bees thrive due to the availability of diverse food sources. These hives serve as feeder populations to rural areas, as newborn queens split off and establish their colonies elsewhere. In return, our bees attract interested visitors to businesses, and serve as a progressive marketing tool for the increasingly conscientious consumer.

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