We Need Your Vote!" That's right, now were not talking about Red or Blue, Bee Downtown has been chosen as a Semi-finalist for the Greenbiz.com Verge 2016 Competition where "Leaders, thinkers, and doers use technology and innovation to accelerate the sustainable economy". We have the chance to be one of two Accelerate Showcases that take the main stage in Santa Clara, CA in September to show of what we do here in the Triangle! 

We have until August 4th to get as many votes in as we can. Oh did I forget to mention you can vote each and every day!? If you have just 30 seconds to spare click the GreenBiz.com link below and put in a Vote for us (we are in the last section titled: Circular Economy). We are currently second place but need that extra push to get us to first place! 


--The Bee Downtown Team


Honey bees pollinate the vast majority of the world’s plants and are responsible for over 80% of the food we eat. However, a number of factors including the varroa mite, changing agricultural practices, loss of habitat and the mass production of bees have crippled their world.  As a result, honey bees are disappearing at a dizzying rate, endangering the future of agriculture and our world altogether. In 2015, U.S. beekeepers lost 44% of their hives, the second highest losses in the last 10 years. 

Bee Downtown is fighting this important problem by creating and selling beehives and clear storefront observatory hives in cities, where studies show honey bees thrive due to the availability of diverse food sources, stable living environments and continuous floral sources throughout the year. These hives help rebuild healthy honey bee populations in cities and in return, our bees attract interested visitors to businesses, and serve as a progressive marketing tool for the increasingly conscientious consumer.

We've teamed up with fellow Durham, NC startup, Runaway Clothing Company, to create an awesome collaborative capsule collection. Get your t-shirt, tank, local honey and print today! Just click on the shirt to head over to www.runawayclothes.com to order yours and BEEcome part of the movement!